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Paper Machine Energy Evaluations
Dick Reese and Associates, Inc. Services
Paper Machine Performance and Optimization Evaluations
Copyrighted paper machine energy scorecards are used to benchmark energy performance and identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption. The scorecards have been translated into Spanish and French and are being used around the world to measure energy performance. The scorecards are currently being translated into Chinese. Over 120 paper machine energy evaluations have been conducted in recent years.

We provide a variety of services including:
Dick first developed paper machine performance guidelines in the 1970's. They have been updated regularly and are the basis for current TAPPI machine performance guidelines.

Dick has worked on several paper machine rebuild projects and was a key player on a capital project team to install a new recycled containerboard machine. He has conducted classes at TAPPI Paper Machine Rebuild seminars.
Paper Machine Rebuild Feasibility Studies
Paper Machine Operations Troubleshooting
Many troubleshooting assignments including problems with moisture profiles, machine direction basis weight variation, refining issues, dryer gear failures, roll quality, vacuum system issues, formation, lost time reduction, press section performance, drying rates, etc.
Paper and Pulp Machine Technical Consulting

Due Diligence for Potential Mill Purchases